Thursday 22nd August - No School Today

This was our first experience of a school group at Wambiana Station. Nineteen Year 6 and 7 students from St Rita's School, South Johnstone arrived at about 8:15am for a farm experience. All members of the family, including Hugh, aged 3, and us introduced themselves (ourselves), then Michael Lyons gave a talk about the farm and laid out the day's schedule.

Highlights of the day were

  • water divining (which does appear to work, though heaven knows how)
  • Connor, aged 9, teaching how to use a stock whip and 

Stock whip demonstration by Connor Lyons

  • how to hypnotise a chook

Connor Lyons hypnotises a chook

  • John Lyons, Michael's father, teaching us all how to milk a cow

John Lyons sends milk direct from cow to mouth

  • up close and personal experiences with calf, lamb, pigs, chooks and camels
  • pregancy testing of cows (brahman)

Getting up close and personal with a brahman cow

  • cattle dipping
  • branding a calf

Branding a calf

  • castrating the calf

Michael Lyons castrating a calf

It was a sensational day, what great experience for the students.