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Overland UK to Australia 1969 - John de Figueiredo and Brian Ridgway

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Home - Overland UK to Australia in 1969

At the end of August 1969 Brian and I left the UK in a ten-year-old Mercedes for the adventure of a lifetime, travelling overland to India before flying to Australia. Brian was a solicitor working in Manchester and I am a Chemical Engineer who used to work at Stanlow Shell oil refinery in Ellesmere Port.

This website has been constructed from the diary I kept during the journey and the photos we took. Of course, the "photos" were slides so they have lost something in translation to digital images.

You will find the pages all have the same format. The navigation bar has Previous and Next buttons so that you can work through in sequence, and menus to find any page you want. There are some thumbnail photos above the text, and some thumbnail maps on the right for those who, like me, don't like to get lost.
Clicking on any of the thumbnails will display a larger version, with caption, in the middle of the screen. You can close the picture by clicking almost anywhere else on the screen, or by pressing the Escape key. You can also click or arrow through the pictures. You'll soon get the hang of it.

If you have any comments or suggestions, or would like the template, you can contact me John de Figueiredo at:

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